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An Agreement In Principle: Canada Pension Plan Expansion

Click here to view the post from our Ontario colleagues on the recent agreement in principle between 8 of the 10 provincial finance ministers and the federal finance minister to expand the Canada Pension Plan.  The post includes steps that Alberta employers could take to anticipate the expected changes.  … Continue Reading

Reduce Costs Not Your Workforce

Introduction Employers who are considering layoffs and reductions in their workforce as a result of the current economic downturn should be aware of Service Canada’s Work-Sharing Program (the “Program”). The Program is designed to assist employers and their employees by alleviating the need for layoffs due to temporary reductions in the company’s business activity, which … Continue Reading

Service Canada Just Called – Do I Have To Respond?

When just cause is alleged as the basis for terminating an employee’s employment, employers are often contacted by Service Canada seeking more information about the reasons for termination. When advising on this situation, we often remind employers of the following: Section 51 of the Employment Insurance Act (the “Act”) requires the Employment Insurance Commission (the … Continue Reading